So You Think Your Child Can Read?

June 23, 2016

…you might have to think again!

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In the words of CompuKids CEO Bilal Kathrada, H-T-M-L is as important as A-B-C-D!

Just in time for the June-July school holidays, CompuKids launched its sponsorship of CodeClub Meetups around South Africa, with the pilot kicking off in Durban, KZN on Monday, 27 June 2016. The event was a resounding success!

This is what parents had to say:

“Just want to say a HUGE thank you for organizing such an interesting morning…”

“The coding kids had a blast!”

“It was really fun watching these introverted kids, who were all really uncertain about being there, come out of their shells.”



In a world where geeks are the in-crowd, coding is the new cool, and programmers are today’s rock stars, CompuKids CodeClub Meetups is a great way for kids to form lifelong friendships with like-minded tech-enthusiasts, while learning awesome marketable tech skills…all free of charge #bargainmania Meetups to happen during the holidays and during regular monthly intervals thereafter —> prepare to be tribe’d 😀

In our tech-driven world, literacy has a new face. So get on board and give your child the gift of learning to read and write code!

The next CodeClub Meetup Durban is taking place on Monday, 4 July 2016 at the Hartley Road Primary School.

For more information, and to RSVP, visit the Durban CodeClub Meetup page. You can also join the Facebook group to stay updated, give your input, and connect with other parents.

Let’s get <b>reading<b>!

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