Keeping kids active during the hols!

October 18, 2016
  • Keeping kids active during the summer (December) holidays is very important. It’s a long time before the kids go back to the waking up and being alert and consuming lots of knowledge. So during the holiday let’s try to keep them alert so that when it’s time to get back to school their batteries aren’t flat but just need a bit of recharging.  If you are in the Durban Area, CompuKids is the perfect solution for you. At CompuKids we host our Holiday Code Clubs at venues that have playgrounds or jungle gyms, our trainers give kids frequent breaks from coding where they can play ball or play at the jungle gym.  Now this helps keep your child physically active, for mental activity that is our speciality. CompuKids is a Junior Technology Online Academy but we also believe in including the human element to education therefore we hold Code Clubs and Boot camps where our trainers are there to support every child.

     If you are on holiday and also wish your child to keep their brain active and alert, then you could Sign them Up for our Online Courses (, where they will be taught to create their own games and mobile apps. Feel free to contact us for support or advice about Children and Technology/education. Email  Site : 

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