Gamification in the classroom

November 1, 2016
  • Amazing innovation is happening around education and who better to come up with new ways to teach, integrate technology and involve learners in the classroom, than teachers.

    A new, simple and free way to get learners motivated in their school curriculum is Gamification. Rambo Levin, teacher at a public school in Thailand, decided to try gamification and it worked wonders for him. Changing subject units to levels and 100% mark scheme to eXperience Points(XP) helped him to capture his learners’ attention and get them more involved in the learning process. 

    He created a balance so that learners who were not doing well in tests and assessments were getting points for being responsible for their books and helping out friends, and completing other tasks. 

    These kinds of initiatives by teachers are highly commended, and will contribute greatly towards higher learner motivation and eventually better results. In fact, CompuKids uses gamification as an integral part of all its courses. By using ‘level ups’, badges and certificates, we not only motivate learners, but encourage a spirit of friendly competition among learners, which is extremely beneficial to the learning process. 
    By using the CompuKids system, engaging in activities and participating in the forums, learners earn level-ups. When they complete certain challenging tasks, they earn badges, while certificates are awarded at the completion of a course.
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