First Bootcamp for 2018 a Success!

March 6, 2018
  • CompuKids ran its first Tech and Entrepreneurship Bootcamp for 2018 on Saturday 3rd March at the Hartley Road Primary School, and it was a phenomenal success.

    The event was booked to capacity, with kids attending from all parts of Durban.

    The Bootcamp programme comprised of 3 parts:

    1. Learning: kids were taught how to code and build their own video games.
    2. Teamwork: kids were put into teams and were asked to develop an improved version of their original game. The idea was to make believe that they were a startup business.
    3. Pitching: teams were taught presentation skills, and then had an opportunity to pitched their games to the judges, who were high-profile businesspeople and other individuals from the Durban area, such as Professor Shahida Cassim of the University of Kwazulu Natal.


    CompuKids vision is to get more girls into tech careers

    Little Entrepreneurs

    The kids truly amazed the judges, their parents and the audience with their levels of creativity and their competitiveness. They presented their pitches with confidence. The winning teams walked away with prizes.

    Durban’s deputy mayor, Mrs. Fawzia Peer, also made an appearance at the event, and was impressed by the quality of work produced by the kids. She highlighted the need to run such events in all areas, particularly in the rural schools.

    She encourage the CompuKids team to scale the Tech Bootcamp concept to be able to reach kids in all areas.

    Deputy Mayor Fawzia Peer with the winning team

    Run a Bootcamp at your School

    CompuKids will be running the Bootcamps monthly at the Hartley Road Primary School, and would like to expand to other parts of the country. They are looking for volunteers who will run Bootcamps in their schools and communities. CompuKids will provide all the information, training and support volunteers will need to make their Bootcamps a success. If you are keen to run a Bootcamp, please contact Ayesha at


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