CompuKids Clubs are now in Schools!

August 28, 2015

Our CompuKids July Bootcamps were such an epic hit with the kids that we decided to run them again during the school term!

So, we started off our CompuKids Clubs at various schools in the greater Durban area. And what fun it’s been thus far! Here’s what our weekly club schedule looks like:

  • Mondays – Al Falaah College, Overport
  • Tuesdays – New West Secondary, Newlands
  • Wednesdays – Al Falaah College, Overport
  • Thursdays – Grosvenor Boys High School, Bluff
  • Saturdays – Hartley Road Primary School, Overport

Our CompuKids Clubs started at the beginning of August at each venue. We are currently offering the Game Development, Mobile App Development and Minecraft Modding courses at our Clubs. Needless to say, our CompuKids members are simply enjoying their chosen courses. Not only do the courses enhance the kids creativity, it also promotes collaborative learning and problem solving skills which is useful for their schooling career and their life as well.

Just a peek at one of the classes that takes place at  Hartley Road Prmary School on Saturdays.

Just a peek at one of the classes that takes place at Hartley Road Prmary School on Saturdays.

It is truly inspiring to see how perceptible kids are when it comes to coding and learning new technologies at all our classes. Our aim with CompuKids is to teach and enhance kids technological talents so that they become aspiring game developers, or even mobile app developers!


CompuKids is here to make learning fun in every possible way for kids. We love having every CompuKid member as part of our family.

Keen to sign up your kid as an exclusive CompuKid Member? No worries! Simply get in touch with the CompuKids Team on 081 8358 270 or drop us an email on

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