• Take part in the CompuKids Coding Challenge and stand a chance to win awesome prizes! The CompuKids Coding Challenge is all about getting kids around the country excited about technology. It’s completely free to enter, is open to all South Africans and works in 3 simple steps:

  • Learn

    Learn how to code the Ocean Clean-up game by either downloading the free ebook or by watching the course on YouTube here.

  • Code

    Once you completed the Ocean Clean-up game, start improving your game to make it better than everyone else’s. Let your imagination run wild and create something awesome while staying true to the original game and topic.

  • Win

    Submit your game by following the steps below and stand a chance to win awesome prizes! Remember, our judges are looking for creativity, originality and how well your game works. 

  • Xbox One

  • Samsung Galaxy Tab 7

  • Nokia 2

  • How to Enter

    Submit you game by following the simple steps below…

    Step 1 - Record a Video about your Game
    1. Using a smart phone or any other camera, record a video of yourself talking about your game.
    2. In your video, there are 3 things you need to do:
      1. Play your game and tell us what it’s about 
      2. Show us how you made your game. Show your code and briefly explain what each chunk of code does. Remember, the judges need to see that you completely understand your code.
      3. Tell us why your game is awesome, what improvements you’ve made to it and why it should win.
    3. Your video shouldn’t be more than 3 minutes long.
    4. Remember to talk loudly and clearly.
    Step 2 - Upload your video
    1. Upload your video to Facebook or Instagram
    2. Tag us:
      1. @compukids.me on Facebook
      2. @compukids on Instagram
    3. Use the hashtag #compukids2019
  • Tips

    Tips on Improving your Game

    Improve your game by adding or changing things like characters, backgrounds or sound effects while staying true to the original game and topic. You can improve you game by:

    • Adding a second turtle that only appears when the player reaches a certain score.
    • Adding a different background image or sound track.
    • Adding a time limit to your game.
    • Making your game a 2 player game by adding a second hook.
    • Adding another garbage sprite.

    These are just a few suggestions on how you can improve your game, but it’s all up to you. So let you imagination run wild!

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