Avoid predators by staying safe, especially online

December 7, 2016
  • The season of joy, warmth and complete merriment has begun. It is the holiday season and boy is it a busy one, in the midst of all the busy ,merry and awesome time there are people who are waiting for opportunities to harm others. This time is the worst because of all the predators we need to look out for. We need to stay safe and also make sure our kids are safe at all times.

    There are many precautions you may take to keep you and your family safe, some you already use and some you will learn in just a second. Children need guidance at this time, not just physical supervision but also when they are online. The internet is where these predators collect information, so make sure your children are supervised when online, and make them aware of all the guidelines they need to follow in order to stay safe. They might think you’re just being nosy, but rather be safe than sorry. 


    Read the following guidelines to make sure that you do your best to keep you and your family safe during this busy time…


    1. Make sure all privacy settings are set as high as possible.
    2. Do not share your password with anyone.
    3. Do not meet up with anyone you have only seen online.
    4. Think carefully before posting images and videos of yourself.
    5. When posting online do not post your current location.
    6. If you come across someone or something that is inappropriate online, leave the website and tell a adult about it.
    7. Do not post any personal details of yourself or your family, such as your address, cellphone/ home number not even an email address.
    8. Avoid befriending people you do not know.
    9. Keep your parents aware of all your activities online.
    10. Never fill in credit card details without parents permission and supervision.
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