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  • What is CompuKids?

  • Getting Started

    Easy as 1, 2, 3 ... Here's what you need
  • A Desktop or a Laptop

    CompuKids relies on practical real world software used by professionals for game development, coding and graphic design. You’ll need a Mac or a PC to practice what you are learning!

  • An Internet Connection

    The CompuKids syllabus is based completely online. You will be watching videos, taking quizzes and submitting assignments through our online learning system.

  • A CompuKids Subscription

    A CompuKids subscription gives you access to all our courses. Including Game Development, Mobile App Development, Graphic Design and Minecraft Modding. Learn what you want, when you want!

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  • Why CompuKids?

  • CompuKids provides structured online Computer Science and Technology curriculum for kids.

    CompuKids provides a safe and child-friendly learning environment where kids can learn a variety of real-world skills that will give them an advantage both in and after school – all while having fun.

    There is a strong focus on unleashing a child’s creativity while developing valuable problem-solving skills and structured thinking abilities.

    • Ideal for individuals, schools and home-schools
    • Support for learners, teachers and parents
    • Easy to follow learning path
    • A powerful elearning system with assessments and progress-tracking
    • Badges and certificates
    • Supported Learning

      Online teachers are always ready to support kids, parents and teachers

    • Gamified Learning

      Learners are constantly motivated through rewards like level-ups, badges and certificates

    • Valuable Life skills

      Kids will learn skills that will be useful at school and later on in life

    • Learning & Fun

      Above all, we ensure that learners have fun while learning.

  • Courses

  • Mobile Apps

    Computer Basics

    • Owen seemed to really enjoy the course. He was very excited to attend them every day. Thank You

      Bronwen Hutchinson
    • It was a mind opener for him and possibly a career choice in the software world

      A. Khan
    • Yashveer absolutely enjoyed the #CompuKidsDbn #MinecraftModding course. So amped! Thanks

      Avani Roopan
  • CompuKids in the Media

    During our July bootcamp at the Hartley road Primary School in Durban, we managed to catch the attention of the Expresso Show. This clip was shown nationally on SABC3.

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